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The Olympic II lies on its starboard side with its hull collapsed and bow and stern relatively intact.

Name Dive Site:Olympic II
Depth: 72-104ft (22-32m)
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The Olympic started her life as the Star of France. She was built in Ireland in 1877 as a 3 masted ship and was 258' x 38'. She was later sold and relocated to Washington State in the early 1900's to haul lumber and later worked in Alaska. She then sat for many years before becoming a fishing barge in 1934. She was then renamed the Olympic II and moved to San Pedro. She served as a fishing barge for many years until the morning of September 4, 1940 when she was hit by another boat, the Sakito. It was tragic as she sunk fast with the loss of some lives. The Olympic now sits a few miles out of Los Angeles Harbor in 100' of water.

Diving the Olympic II can be a fun dive with good conditions or challenging with poor conditions. Visibility can be anywhere from a few feet to 50' plus. She sits on her starboard side and relatively intact with the bow standing some 30 feet off the bottom. All though there is no penetration diving on the Olympic II there are still hazards to be aware of and even more so when the visibility is poor.

More about California wreck diving, please visit the California Wreck Divers (CWD) website along with another excellent resource, the book Shipwrecks of Southern California by Bonnie J. Cardone and Patrick Smith.

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