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Ken Kollwitz
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The Star of Scotland, Santa Monica Bay, makes for a deep but excellent dive site.

Name Dive Site:Star of Scotland
Depth: 59-75ft (18-23m)
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The Star of Scotland started her life as the HMS Mistletoe on April 22, 1918. The type of ship the Star of Scotland was, eventually gave her the name as a Mystery Ship because the crew had the ability to change her appearance in a short time. She was 262' x 35' and fast, powered by a steam engine. Over the years the ship went through many owners, names and types of service. After the armistice she was converted to a survey vessel, then a cargo hauler for fruit and later a floating gambling ship.

In 1940 she was leased and renamed the Star of Scotland and with the propellers removed a number of years earlier she was towed as a barge for fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. Due to some needed repairs and a large storm, the Star of Scotland sunk on January 23, 1942. She now sits 70' deep a couple miles off the Santa Monica Pier. Visibility can vary from 10'-15' on an average day to 40'-60' on a great day. There is still a lot to see on the Star of Scotland and she makes for an excellent dive as long as you watch for hazards like fishing line, old nets and sharp metal.

More about California wreck diving, please visit the California Wreck Divers (CWD) website along with another excellent resource, the book Shipwrecks of Southern California by Bonnie J. Cardone and Patrick Smith.

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